iTunes 4.9 is out with podcast support

Thanks to Gnomedex rumors that Apple would be releasing iTunes 4.9 today users have been watching the iTunes download site to see if the new version is available.  Wait no longer, it’s out and downloadable for both the Mac and Windows platforms, although on the Windows side you must manually download the new version as the update feature in iTunes does not pick it up yet.  I have installed it and for the most part the new podcast section is very nice.  Both of my shows, techADDICTION and The Tablet PC Show are already available along with hundreds of other podcasts.  The interface takes a little getting used to but one awesome feature I have not seen mentioned anywhere- if you stop listening to a podcast you’ve downloaded through iTunes it remembers where you left off next time!  Sweet!  You can download the new version on the iTunes web site.



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