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Google Video Uploader for Mac … and Linux Too

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It’s already been all over the usual news outlets, but just in case you had missed it, here’s a quickie to remind you of Google’s Beta Video Upload Program. While it had been out for quite a few months with a Windows uploader program, they more recently released uploaders for both OS X and Linux. Time for all this hard work in iMovie and Final Cut to start paying off :)

If for some reason you don’t already have a google/gmail account and need one, just send me an e-mail to [email protected].

7 Responses to “Google Video Uploader for Mac … and Linux Too”

  1. I am running Mac OS X 10.3.9 and have not been able to upload my I movie files with either Firefox or Safari. I had the following exchange with Google Video Support. But if you tell me it is simply a matter of the Google video program not yet being compatible with Macs, please tell me and I will quit trying to upload until they iron out the kinks.

    Has anyone else been able to upload their i movies with a Mac?
    Also, how do I find out what is the bitrate of my video file? Thanks for any help.

    Pasted below is my question to Google support and their answer.

    I have a .mov ( I movie) video, length 4:16, total of 132 KB on my disk,
    that I just cannot upload. I keep getting “failed”, whether I use the
    based uploader or the google desktop uploader. I just boosted my cable
    internet access speed to 384 kbps upstream in order to upload videos to
    Google. What am I doing wrong? Thanks


    Thanks for your email. Please allow us to clarify that the 260 minimum
    bitrate requirement refers to the bitrate of the video file, not your
    internet connection speed. For further information on what this means,
    feel free to refer to the Wikipedia entry below.

    As for why your videos show a “Failed” status, we have reviewed your
    account and found that your video has experienced technical
    We suggest submitting your video file in one of our preferred file
    formats, such as MPEG4 with MP3 audio or MPEG2 with MP3 audio.

    If you wish to learn more about our preferred file formats and video
    specs, please visit:

    We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience. Please let us know if
    you have any further questions.


    The Google Video Team

  2. I run Linux. I went to the V.G.upload page and downloaded the GoogleVideoUploader.jar file. Now what? My co-workers who DO java asked “Where is the API?” “I don’t know. All I got was this jar file.” (and no instructions). Help!

  3. I can view the movies on my Mac OS 10.4.2….I have not tried to upload yet too. Google is not MS and seem to be doing great things….although the Mac community is small in comparison it is millions and it is a better OS. I think in time the world will see this. So will Google and give it more of a priority one day.

  4. Hi, this is awesome news as I am big into tech (moved to Austin, TX from Portland, OR to work for Apple Computer (4 years) and now work at Dell, Inc.) but am wondering now that I can use Google Talk with in iChat by just a few settings tweaks and my GMail address, where can I get tech friends at? Or friends with the same interest? (See web page.)

    I usually don’t post to message boards and blogs, but I want to know. ;-)

    [email protected]