Direct Your Own Muvee

Muvee Technologies — which has its Movie Director application embedded onto some Nokia handsets — has teamed up with Bango to offer the application for download to any wap-enabled handset, with billing going through the mobile operator or credit or debit card.
“muveeStyles are unique, themed templates that allow camera phone users to instantly create compelling video productions on their mobile phones. Each style has its own effects, transitions, graphics, music and editable text messages that can be instantly applied to video clips and pictures to create a finished, stylized “muvee” that users can save and show on their phones, or send as a multimedia message (MMS). Multiple video clips and pictures can also be combined into a single montage.”
There are some examples on the site…it’s basically overlaying a theme onto video footage taken by the camera. The results aren’t going to win any awards, but could improve bland video…it falls into the category of customizing user-generated content, which is likely to be a big market…
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