Apple Merges iPod & iPod photo Lines


Apple have simplified their iPod line, now sporting just two models, a 20GB and a 60GB unit, both supporting iPod Photo functionality and color screens. You can read the full Press Release. This comes along with the alread announced pod casting announcement, also today.

Was this what we were waiting for ?

OK, the iPod Photo change has been rumoured for quite a while, and it makes sense for Apple to try and simplify the range. One ‘lite’ version and the full blown heavy 60GB unit.

If you wanted to speculate (and why not, it’s only Tuesday) then you could see this as some kind of indication that something bigger in the iPod range is coming. Apple have often simplified a range before releasing a larger more complicated and top of the range series. If, and when, this happens is difficult to tell. IBC and the Paris Expo are coming in September, so maybe there is something in the offing. With IBC, could we see a media production announcement. Maybe the breakout interface?

Don’t take these mad ramblings as an indication of anything – but don’t think Apple are going to keep quiet over the next six months either.

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