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Ringtone News

Ringtones are among the most successful mobile content because they cater to the “personalisation” drive amongst users. There’s a few ringtone stories out:
Ringtone Innovation — Rudetones: The Feature has picked up on companies offering rude or disgusting ringtones designed specifically to annoy people, and claimed it will turn off a segment of the mobile phone using population.
Crazy Frog Hops Off The Number One Spot:The Crazy Frog ringtone single has finally been driven from the number one spot on the single chart. Incidentally, Queen drummer Roger Taylor has no pity for Coldplay — who’s single was kept from the number one spot by the Crazy Frog. “I actually prefer it to the Coldplay record, everything they do sounds too similar.”
Reasons For Ringtone Choice: There are some comments here about which ringtones are on people’s phones, and more importantly why they were chosen.