JaJah… is it ja ja joke?


VoIP bloggers are all abuzz about something called JaJah. Its is supposed to be a Skype Killer – except it doesn’t look like it can kill anything. Skype Journal is showing some skepticism – but I think its like April Fool’s Joke in June! There is some newspaper clipping on their site, except no name of the newspaper. (Hmmm!) There are no technical details available, and everything seems so sketchy. I am going to reserve judgement. I think some security experts should check out the software as public service!



je crois que jajah n’est autre que du callback reponsé par une compagne pubilicataire. ce produits n’est pas nouveau. il y avant le sms call back maintenant c’est le web callback. avant c’était même plus intéressant car on envoie un sms dans lequel il y a Les 2 numéros et on profite des communications par voix IP. même pas besoin d’un ordinateur.
je crois qu’il faut revoir l’enthousiasme à la baisse même si Mr ICQ vient de rejoindre le capital.



We have developed a Desktop phone buddy for Jajah, which will take the currently selected number in a windows application and dial the number using a hot key, plus redial and quick dial functionality.

Great in a business environment, like ours…

Download at http://www.jajahphonebuddy.com

please try out and give us feedback…


I also tried jajah and I think it’s great. The features are simple and you’ll find a lots of them. Skype & Co don’t offer such many gimmicks :-)

Have a try… it’s worth…

SC Namor

True, my research on this strange Watamba figure had no results as well. However, I tried the tool and it was quite a surprise. My first impression was: nice and simple. After calling a friend on landline and talking to a Skype buddy I am really impressed. The voice quality is just brilliant and the video is huge. Somehow it reminded me on my first visit to Google some years ago …
It is only a pitty that it is not availabe for Macs.


For me jajah works very well. It has lots of features Skype does NOT have (for example: SMS to mobile phones(!), SIP, IAX, and and and) and has the coolest interface ever seen in a Webphone. Also, their rates to landline and mobile phones are lower than Skype´s are.

jajah will overcome Skype – like Goggle did it with Altavista & Co – I am sure.


Seems like it does work though. I was able to call my cell phone number for free. The service gives you 5 Euro free calling. I have not been able to get the Skype calling feature to work though.


at best it will be another babble.

its all about stirring the pot to get people excited.

for most, the pot boils over


Om Malik

yup, i did all sorts of references and well you know the rest. this might be a little bit of a hoax in the works

Tim A

Ya, for a supposed “Communications Guru” and “Legendary Free Thinker” you would think there would be at least a SINGLE google reference to this guy.

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