Cable Cos Win Brand-X Case

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Breaking: Cable operators, finally got their wish – they won the Brand-X case, reports Bloomberg. The US Supreme court told Comcast, Time Warner and others that they did not have to open their lines to rivals like Earthlink. This is reversal of an earlier ruling by a lower court. The decision went 6-3 in cable companies favor. This is going to have an impact on everything from VoIP to the prices of cable services. More to follow!

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Esme Vos

I am glad I live in Europe. Our broadband prices are going down, down, down and the bandwidth is going up, up, up. Why? Because the EU has forced the member states to (1) deregulate their telecoms markets and (2) require the incumbent operators to open their networks to ISPs. In Sweden, where municipalities and regions have also been investing heavily in fiber networks which are leased out to ISPs on an open, non-discriminatory basis, Swedes are paying about 20 EUR per month for 10 Mbps. We are getting to those price levels and bandwidth here in the Benelux. Whoo hoo!

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