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It's Official: Simpay's Future In Dark

As James reported earlier, the pan-European mobile payments systemSimpay‘s future is in a has posted an official statement on its website, though not naming who pulled out. As speculated, it is probably T-Mobile.
Instead, “Simpay’s operations will be scaled back with immediate effect. Member operators will be able to exploit Simpay’s intellectual property rights at a national level, although international interoperability remains a goal. The members will make known their individual plans in due course.”
Some analysis on why the initiative failed, from Dr Key Pousttchi, head of the Mobile Commerce Group at the Chair of Business Informatics and Systems Engineering, University of Augsburg: “Payment roaming, the pan-European operator-comprehensive use (and thus billing) of mobile services on which Simpay finally focused (and failed) is not really an issue to the users in most countries by now. There is a simple reason: Except for ring tones and logos, paid mobile services are hardly used in B2C up to now. In this regard we face inhibitors which are very different from payment roaming. And in the scenarios where customers already would want to pay with their mobile phone, a vertical alliance like Simpay cannot bring a solution in most European markets. For these purposes we need banks in the boat.”
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