iTunes Phone Coming?


Do you remember, when you were a kid, about the rumors of an iTunes phone coming?

How about the mock ups, samples and photos smuggled out of shows and product launches?

Well, as Om Malik suggests it really may be on the way. I know, I know. We’ve heard that before.

But then you get this post on Ars Technica, which in turn refers to posts at Gizmodo and Engadget that backs up the theory.

Frankly, even with this I was still skeptical. Afterall, there’s no official announcement. Now, overnight, we get AppleInsider. Could this be the launch event we’ve been waiting for?

Most think this Apple media event will be about iTunes 4.9 and podcasting, which will be built into the new release. But extrapolating just a little further, wouldn’t a phone make an ideal destination for podcasts? And even if it didn’t, wouldn’t make sense to make too big announcements at the same time?

For me, I find a few things confusing. For one I’ve never gone in for convergence, usually because convergence means compromises, whether it’s the software, interface or more physical affects like battery life, product size and the all important tactile-ness of the product. I’m not saying this will be the case with the iTunes phone. At least not until I’ve seen it (the interface screenshots don’t exactly excite me, though).

What confuses me even more is why it’s taken so damn long to produce an iTunes phone at all and why, now we’re getting one, it comes from Motorola. The time delay seems extreme. We’re talking about a phone capable of playing music files – we’ve had those (here in Europe at least) for years. Even if you add the complication of syncing material, I still can’t work it out. iTunes has had syncing capability ever since the iPod. OS X has had syncing capability to mobile phones for almost as long. So why has it taken years to come up with the idea and many months to go from initial rumor and samples to product?

As to Motorola, to me it seems an odd choice of a company to support iTunes services. But then I’m in Europe, where Motorola take second (and probably third) fiddle to Nokia and Sony/Ericcson. I know that in the US those companies play second and third to Motorola. But I can’t see the phone being as popular here in Europe as it might be in the US.

But let’s not count iTunes phones until they’ve been announced and released in the wild. Needless to say, we’ll keep you posted.



Actually, I think you’d find that Motorola plays 2nd to Nokia the world over, and that SonyEriccson doesn’t even show up on the map…

Press release from the IDC (yes it’s from January, but that’s current enough), shows info from last year and breaks down info from Q4 of ’04 that shows Nokia shipped about twice as many handsets than Motorola, and that Nokia has about double the market share…

Patrick Weber

Hmm.. I am not sure about the phone.. but then this is Steve we are talking about so it just might happen.

I have a feeling that the iPod Video is more likely to happen. Like a 120gb iPod Video and a Video connector to copy your DV off of your DV Camera right to your iPod like the photo does now.

Maybe even H.264 support too considering apples huge push behind it.

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