Intel integrated wireless fix?

Owners of computers with integrated Intel wireless chip sets have complained of problems maintaining WiFi connections for a while and I have been following Rob Bushway’s problems with the wireless connectivity on his brand new Motion LE1600 Tablet PC.  Rob was able to fix his problem by installing a Dell mini-PC WiFi card which doesn’t exhibit the problems he’s been plagued with since getting the Motion.  This would definitely indicate a problem with either the Intel chip set or the drivers that Intel is supplying to OEMs.  Rob has posted on his blog a link to a Tablet PC Buzz member who says the Intel drivers are the source of the problem and that a fix is possible, although it involves replacing some Intel DLLs which most users won’t be comfortable doing.

I have been using computers with the Intel integrated WiFi solution for some time and the driver explanation seems to fit.  The problems I have personally seen all revolve around the 802.11g chips and not the "b".  The Sony U70 I used last year had no problems with "g" connectivity but when I switched to the newer U750 model it did have problems with maintaining a connection to my "g" router.  The HP tc1100 I use now also has difficulty maintaining a "g" connection but will work fine with my router that is "b" only.  I will probably try the solution that Rob has pointed out and report here when I have an opinion on the fix.  I am in a fortunate position as I have two WiFi access points in my house, a Linksys "b" only router and a Netgear "g" capable router so I can isolate problems to a specific protocol.


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