Intel integrated wireless fix?


Owners of computers with integrated Intel wireless chip sets have complained of problems maintaining WiFi connections for a while and I have been following Rob Bushway’s problems with the wireless connectivity on his brand new Motion LE1600 Tablet PC.  Rob was able to fix his problem by installing a Dell mini-PC WiFi card which doesn’t exhibit the problems he’s been plagued with since getting the Motion.  This would definitely indicate a problem with either the Intel chip set or the drivers that Intel is supplying to OEMs.  Rob has posted on his blog a link to a Tablet PC Buzz member who says the Intel drivers are the source of the problem and that a fix is possible, although it involves replacing some Intel DLLs which most users won’t be comfortable doing.

I have been using computers with the Intel integrated WiFi solution for some time and the driver explanation seems to fit.  The problems I have personally seen all revolve around the 802.11g chips and not the "b".  The Sony U70 I used last year had no problems with "g" connectivity but when I switched to the newer U750 model it did have problems with maintaining a connection to my "g" router.  The HP tc1100 I use now also has difficulty maintaining a "g" connection but will work fine with my router that is "b" only.  I will probably try the solution that Rob has pointed out and report here when I have an opinion on the fix.  I am in a fortunate position as I have two WiFi access points in my house, a Linksys "b" only router and a Netgear "g" capable router so I can isolate problems to a specific protocol.



Christophe, I fixed my problem by upgrading the mini-PCI WiFi to the Atheros a/b/g card from HP. I haven’t experienced any problems at all since dropping the Intel ProSET card. Some users of the 2200BG chipset report success by downloading the current drivers direct from Intel and then turning off the cards power management. That did not work for me. Good luck!


Did you find an answer to your TC1100 / Netgear trouble ?
I’ve something like you :
My users, shipped with TC1100, access the netgear router one ot two times a day. As they are on the road most of the time, they deactivate the Wifi (Q menu). But, often, when they try to reach the access point again, they fail. The only answer is to un-plug/plug the power of the router !

Any help would be great…

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