Handango Summit end notes- searchable version


Note:  I am re-posting this to accomplish two things- get my end notes from the Summit in text that is searchable so anyone looking for something here can find it, and to see what others think about inking posts in blogs.  Like many others I think inking on blogs would be cool but unless the ink is searchable we lose one of the greatest strengths of blogs if we can’t search the posts and comments.  Is anyone working on searchable ink for blogs?  I’ve also included links that can not easily be done in ink.

Well, I am back home tonight after a great 3 days at the Handango Summit. I met a lot of wonderful people and had some interesting conversations about mobile technology. I got to play with the Motion LE 1600– it is sweet! Light and thin but jam packed with h/w buttons and connectors. The Sahara i213 from Tabletkiosk is amazing too. It’s a slate that is about the same size as the HP tc1100 slate. The amazing thing about that is the fact the Sahara has a 12.1" screen vs. the HP’s 10.4". Plus the Sahara is that cool iPod-like white.

Of course, it’s great to be back home.



Warner, I did see that and have asked Philippe some questions about how he is doing his ink posts and whether they are searchable.

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