Digital Media at MacDevCenter


MacDevCenter (at O’Reilly) has a couple of interesting articles I though you guys might be interested in.

First up is Going to the Movies (and More) in iTunes 4.8 which covers the new video interface in iTunes. I thought – like many – that the video support in iTunes was about playing music videos. Apparently it does a lot more, including allowing you to add movies to your iTunes library for playback. This is interesting, not least of which because I’ve been using iFlicks from Helixent technologies. In fact, I’m half-way through a review that I was hoping to put up this weekend, but I’ll now adapt it to make a comparison to iTunes…

Second up is a piece on Music Gadgets. Some highlights here include a desktop->FM device for broadcasting your iTunes audio to your Amp without a cable and the use of an Altoids mints case for holding your iPod Shuffle.

If you are remotely interested in either of these technologies, please feel free to take a look :)

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