Verizon announces Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone


Samsung_i730Verizon has announced the release of the Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone Edition which has integrated EVDO capability making it the fastest wireless Pocket PC.  Dale Coffing of MobilePassion has published a typically thorough review with lots of photos.  The i730 has a sliding QWERTY thumb keyboard which coupled with the EVDO connectivity makes this a real email workhorse.  The i730 is also intended to be a great multimedia gadget with the inclusion of the SRS audio enhancement software.  Connection options include EVDO, WiFi and Bluetooth so you can use just about any network and peripheral.  Check out the entire review for a good look at the Samsung.  I just wish it was VGA which would make it perfect for me.



Anyone know where to get the best price on a Samsung sch-i730? I’ve been shopping a couple of weeks and have found $450 (w/rebates) to be the least expensive.


Sorry to hear that Phil. Maybe it’s a configuration thing- I know Dave Ciccone is using his all over the place.

BTW, are you in Houston too?


Im on my Second SCH-I730. The first one didn’t connect to WiFi at Burger King, Panera Bread, My House, or my client. I spent four hours on the line with tech support at Verizon. Additionally, the dial up will not connect to my service provider even though I can see the log in prompt via the terminal service. My Second I730 is looking just like the first, faulty. Im not sure what WiFi’s it works with but the disclaimer should say exactly which ones it works with. Im very disappointed and will most likely return it.

samsung i730

The Samsung i730 has great form factor. The keyboard is much easier to type on, compared to the membrane keyboard of the Audiovox XV6600. Biggest complaint to date is that you cannot make or receive phone calls while using WIFI.

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