Verizon Expands 3G Wireless Broadband in New York and New Jersey


Another reason to thinkin about moving back to the Big Apple. Damn even NJ is more wirelessly advanced than SF.


Om Malik

NJ comment totally inspired by its old telecom roots. anyway i know tony is gonna send some hit men after me. i kid ya people. l love jersey. jersey pizza – better than ny pizza. also i like lower taxes.

Fine James

” Damn even NJ is more wirelessly advanced than SF.”

Hey, you gotta problem wit’dat?

Andy Nardone

Easy on NJ Om. What do we have to do, give Tony Soprano an RSS feed to extol the virtues of living in the Garden State ( yeah that’s the state nickname, so pick yourself up off the floor).

Seriously, from someone who lives in the second most densely populated county in the most densely populated state in the union, Jersey is woefully underrated and, I think, misunderstood. We don’t all live under the Turnpike.

Note to self, Jersey tourism blog pronto!

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