MPEG4 Comes To TelcoTV Networks

Microsoft has been trying hard to push its own digital video compression standard, Windows Media 9, but apparently MPEG4 compression codec is becoming quite popular with telecom operators who are rolling out IPTV networks. MPEG4 is said to be ideally suited for HDTV transmission running over IPTV networks. “But so far, encoder vendors report a clear preference among North American telcos for the MPEG-4 codec,” says Light Reading. Light Reading says companies like Tut Systems and Harmonic, both of them having introduced new MPEG4 based gear in recent days are finding a lot of takers. Tut for instance has been supplying gear to Farmers Telephone Cooperative, which has about 60,000 subscribers in South Carolina. Tandberg and SkyStream are two other companies with MPEG4 based gear. Now we are waiting for new set-top boxes that can decode and take advantage of MPEG4-HD video. Shouldn’t be long – chip makers like Broadcom, Conexant and STMicro – have made announcements in recent days that they are almost ready with their chips. Some believe that the delay in chipsets is one of the reasons why Microsoft’s IPTV efforts are having hiccups.