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Gnomedex '05 Roundup: Podcasting, RSS, Etc.

gnomdex1.gifWe’ll update this throughout the day.
Microsoft RSS: Microsoft will integrate RSS into its next OS version codenamed “Longhorn” — a major step that eventually will put RSS at the fingertips of millions of users without requiring a separate news reader. Develeopers will be able to incorporate RSS, as well.
Microsoft also announced Simple List Extensions, which, as we told you earlier, will allow syndicationm of ordered lists. Astutely, Microsoft is offering the extenstion under Creative Commons. Dean Hachamovitch, GM- “Longhorn” browsing and RSS: “RSS is key to how people will use the Internet in the future by automatically delivering the information that is important to them.” He said the company is “investing heavily” in RSS for Windows. Lots more details in the press release linked to above … and at the IE Blog.

Audible will enable podcasting of its periodic content.

Attensa introduces RSS Network and integrated Outlook news reader.