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Cingular Considering Launching iTunes Phone

This is going to reverberate all over the industry over the weekend: Cingular, the No. 1 U.S. mobile service, is considering selling the much-hyped Motorola-iTunes phone/service, according to Reuters. This coincides well with a recent note by RBC Capital analyst Mark Sue who said that Apple and Cingular were working out final details on revenue sharing.
Apple and Moto said last summer they were working on bringing the popular iTunes service to mobile phones but Motorola has delayed unveiling its iTunes device so far amid analyst speculation about a lack of interest from operators.
Several analysts have suggested that Cingular would be a logical partner for the iTunes phone as it was the first operator to sell Motorola’s flagship RAZR cellphone, which has helped boost sales at both companies. The product, whoever launches it first, is suposed to ship in July/Q3.