PowerPC, chip of choice for super super computers

The Top500 list of super computers is out, and a few facts stand out. IBM crushes competition and adds up to a whopping 40% (approx) of the top 100 super machines. IBM has 184 supercomputers of all sorts on the list including clusters that use cheap Intel chips. (That’s down from 228 IBM super computers a year ago!) Power PC processor powers 25 of the Top 500 monsters, while Intel x86/Itanium processors are under the hood of 333 machines. In comparison, 3 super computers used PowerPC chips last year, while 284 machines used Intel chips. AMD chips powered 34 machines last year. Apple has one cluster – which uses PPC power. Its installed at Virginia Tech. Opteron powered Crays are back in the top 100, while SGI is still pushing Itaniums. AMD chips power 25 machines. Cluster – 304 in total – form an overwhelming majority when it comes to Top500. Clearly, the era of a dedicated processor for super computers is coming to an end. Press Release


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