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Larry Kramer On CBS Digital: "The web is going to be our cable news network"

Larry Kramer unveiled some of his plans for CBS Digital during a seminar at The Media Center and, if only half of what he’s talking about happens, it would be one of the most ambitious digital remakes of a mainstream news organization. Our thanks to Andrew Nachison for taking plenty of notes. What’s ahead:
— an online version of “60 Minutes” complete with video feedback from bloggers.
— The entire CBS News video archive will go online; Kramer doesn’t rule out charging for it eventually.
— Transparency in news gathering with online coverage of internal editorial processes, staff interviews and posting of some work product like interviews that don’t make it on the air in full.

— A 24-hour news cycle with “a continuum of coverage throughout the day. You’ll have a menu of video, a continuous stream of video that you can pick and choose from.”

— A complete advertising revamp. “I would argue that the vaunted CBS news operation is going to be substantially supported by web revenues.”