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It’s #13 for techADDICTION, but unlucky for Kevin as his practical joke on James backfires in the first two minutes of the show! Prepare yourself for mobility galore as the technical twosome cover topics such as faster WiFi on a chip, flexible display units, and Microsoft’s newest approach against software piracy. Not only does the dynamic duo fit a Skype VM in the show, but they take two e-mails as well! Is this the beginning of a new technical “help and how-to” series? Will Kevin ever disconnect his EVDO modem and see his family again? Can James sneak on as an extra to CSI: Miami during his trip next week? Listen in you mobile mavens and learn the answers to these questions and MORE in episode #13!

00:00 Intro – Kevin Tofel by himself? No, James is here too.

02:00 Everyday is Father’s Day!

02:30 Words to live by: “Mobile Broadband” (with Verizon EVDO). Good to have if tree-trimmers take out your power lines!

05:00 Intel adds another on-board letter to 802.11. “n” is coming soon on a single chip.

10:00 James wants WiMax from WalMart.

11:30 Canada welcomes XM and Sirius satellite radio! Ok, you hosers, get yer music, eh?

13:00 Is Kevin pirating satellite radio?!?!?

16:00 Samsung’s new 5 megapixel cameraphone has EVDO and proves that convergence can work. Model: SPH-V7800

17:30 Kevin believes that Samsung is an “up and comer” for consumer electronics. 50 new phones to be introduced this year from Samsung!

19:00 CVS introduces a disposable camcorder. 20 minutes of audio and video delivered to you on a DVD in 30 minutes.

22:00 Intermission – The Podcast Network

23:10 James brings us up to speed on flexible displays and why he thinks they may never deliver usable functionality. Can they meet the “hype”?

30:30 Kevin has misspelled too many blog posts, so he’s looking into IE Spell for IE and Spellbound for Mozilla.

34:40 Google’s Mobile Web index; for those who prefer a smaller screen! On sale now for……FREE!

36:15 James’s mouse has no wire. Neither do any in the PC Mag Notebook Mice roundup.

38:44 Skype VM from Paul in Manchester, UK. Great RSS and podcast aggregator for Palm called QuickNews. Where is Paul Manoogian, our roving Palm correspondent?

42:00 E-mail from Tony. What dedicated eBook readers are out there? We give three options: the Cybook, the Librie, and the eBookwise 1150.

46:15 E-mail from Ross. Bought a new 200GB hard drive, but would like to transfer applications, settings and data to the new drive. How can this be done? Plenty of options abound, many of which we discuss are covered in a recent PC Magazine article. James prefers the AlohaBob solution just because of the name.

51:20 James has “hard drive size envy”.

53:00 Microsoft’s new plan to combat software piracy: photon torpedos!

54:00 Look out Miami, James is on his way complete with mobile gear in his booq bag.

56:00 Wrap up



Great show as always, Kevin and James. I’ve been listening to techAddiction since the beginning, and it was a kick to hear a fellow “passionate user” of the Zodiac call in to the Skype line.

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