The Movie Theater In Your Pocket

A couple of mainstream papers have put up articles on the nascent mobile short film industry…BusinessWeek has avoided the “Telly-Phone” description, opting instead for “Cellywood”…based on the Zoie Cellular Cinema Festival held earlier this year. “Considering the small cost, some studios believe cell-phone movies are a risk worth taking. After all, mobile content like simple wireless games and ringtones have become unexpected hits, with the global market for ringtones alone likely reaching $500 million this year. Why not movies? “I envision cell phones being a lot like your cable or satellite movie channel,” says Weston.
Meanwhile, CJAD has a story talking up Canada’s prospects in the mobile movie space. “While the mobile cinema market is in its infancy in North America, Canadians have a leg up thanks to a long history of making premium short films, says one mobile content producer…”Short films have always really been at the forefront of moving image technology. The first films ever made were short films . . . when the Internet came along some of the first moving images you could watch on your computer were short film. We’re seeing the same thing with mobile technology too.”
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