Microsoft clarifies – Telstra no set-back for its IPTV

A lot of noise around Microsoft losing traction at Telstra this morning, including my own summation of events. Ed Graczyk, director of marketing for the Microsoft TV, tells TelecomWeb: “They had decided not to move forward to the (IPTV) trial program because of issues that are totally unrelated to Microsoft TV.” He points out that Telstra’s network is not reading to support the IPTV right now. “They expected that their network upgrades would be further along than they really are… They’re not ready to do a trial.” Telstra spokesperson says if and when ready, they will include Microsoft in their plans. “If and when we make a decision to offer an IPTV service, from a commercial and technical perspective, Microsoft’s platform would be one of a number of serious options,” the spokesperson told C/Net.