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Ericsson On The Napster Deal

Ericsson LogoI think Ericsson has gone the right way in the recent deal with Napster to offer a Napster-branded music service to telcos. Keeping this service seperate from the proposed Walkman Phone — or indeed any Sony Ericsson phone — gives the service a better chance to succeed. While the deal is with Ericsson rather than with Sony Ericsson many companies have tried to promote one product with another. “Ericsson is the largest telecom provider in the world, and we own 50% of Sony Ericsson. However, as stated above, we will support phones from all major handset manufacturers.” Which is a good point…Ericsson seem to be comfortable dealing with other companies and other brands.
According to an Ericsson spokesperson, one thing the telecommunications equipment vendor brings to the table is its lessons from M-USE — a white label music service. “Ericsson offers a white label service, M-USE, to operators around the world. It is an artist centric service that learns about each user’s music taste and recommends tracks and ringtones that match each user’s taste. Thanks to this personalization the service can handle huge amounts of tracks (something that is impossible with traditional download services where users have to scroll forever on their handsets in order to find the music they want. The new service with Napster will incorporate many of our learnings from M-USE.”
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