Avalanche Of Attention For Possible Microsoft P2P Solution Misses The Point: It's Not A Product (Yet


Last week, we mentioned a Microsoft P2P research project in England called “Avalanche” that looks like possible competition for BitTorrent. The project drew considerable attention at a research lab open house and the resulting attention and coverage has snowballed to the point that Kevin Schofield, GM for strategy and communications at Microsoft Research, feels compelled to set the record straight. As he puts it, “In six days, a research project went from some algorithms in a paper to Microsoft’s competitive answer to BitTorrent, to ‘vaporware’ to an evil conspiracy.”
Schofield tracks the evolution of the coverage and explains MSR’s berth in the mother ship: “MSR doesn’t build and release products. Even if we did, the Avalanche research project isn’t a product. It’s a bunch of core technologies, and we’ve published a paper so that the larger research community (and the field as a whole) can review it, critique it, and potentially choose to adopt or improve it further. But MSR doesn’t ship products.” (via Robert Scoble.)

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