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After Yahoo, Google takes on eBay

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Yahoo and Google might be in a mortal combat with each other, but from the looks of it, Google is getting all set to take on sBay. (Charlene Li of Forrester explains it here!) There is that much talked about Google’s Pay Pal killer. (Silicon Beat has more from Meg Whitman and Eric Schmidt!) (Very informed) Silicon Valley insiders are whispering that Louis Monier, ebay’s director of advanced technology group, might be leaving online auction house’s San Jose digs, trading them in for an office further north on Highway 101 at GooglePlex in Mountain View. I am told he is going to be helping with Froogle. “I’d rather do something interesting, solve and interesting problem, than do something boring and get rich,” Monier had once said.

Few others have also hightailed it from eBay to Google, and apparently, all they’re talking about at eBay is… you guessed it… Google. Folks at Google offered up no-comment, and no word thus far from eBay. I guess they are busy running that developer’s conference? There is a weblog, powered by TypePad. They are really plugging the eBay API, much like Yahoo, Google, and Amazon! Monier is not in the speaker list? What?

Monier, in case you don’t remember is one of the super brains behind AltaVista, the uber search engine before Google became everyone’s darling. Irony is in the news that Monier is headed to a company that pretty much put the stiletto in Alta Vista! But we are short on memories and long on future in Silicon Valley. According to his bio on the Web2.0 website, “From 1995 to 1999 he was the CTO of AltaVista, introducing powerful technical innovations: the fastest Web crawler, an efficient and powerful search engine, BabelFish, the first free automated translation site on the Web, and many others.”

23 Responses to “After Yahoo, Google takes on eBay”

  1. So, what’s the jist here? Is google gearing up to turn froogle into an ebay-style platform that isn’t just a money-grubbing, customer-hating rip-off center? That would be a turn for the better…

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    äîáðàÿ (íó âñ¸ â ýòîì äóõå), à îí âñå ðàâíî ïî÷åõëèë íà òðåíèíã-ìàñòðå, ãäå ó÷àò ñîáëàçíÿòü :(.
    Ñêàæèòå ëþäè íà êàêîé õ.. åìó ýòî?

  3. well ebay may have a page thats pretty straight forward, but the google page is going to have to get updated some day…
    I would think that they want to have more content on the front page, espicially with all their new products that they are rolling out.

  4. Actually, if you’re gearing a blog toward wireless devices, having the content on the left makes more sense, because you’ll force browsers on Pocket IE, Opera Mobile and Blazer to scroll through a mountain of ads just to get to the content itself.

    Then again, to the other 98% of your audience, it does look great. =^)