Increased Compression For Video

Pixe, a subsidiary of Melbourne-based moving image group, Blaze International, has announced a new compression technology that — in conjunction with current compression technologies — can reduce a video file to one- 450th of its original size. “Pixe reduces a file by up to nine times before it is compressed in the usual way, usually to a maximum of 50:1 by one or other of the 30-odd standard codecs in use around the world. The file is decompressed after transmission by reversing the process.”
The technology will be especially useful in mobile video applications…even if a networks bandwidth is enough to handle mobile video the extra compression means more customers can use the network at the same time.
We are in active discussion with leading global mobile carriers, handset makers and content providers in the US, China, India, Japan and Korea,” he said. These included Microsoft, US graphics specialist Macromedia, DoCoMo, the Japanese broadband telephony company, NEC, Samsung and Qualcomm, the big US mobile phone company.
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