The lucky Tablet PC Show #13 is out


The Tablet PC Show #13 (MP3 – 20.6MB – 59min 54sec)

This Tablet PC Show, recorded on Father’s Day, is lucky show #13. Why is this lucky? The triumphant return of host Marc Orchant gives us a good excuse to catch up on events over the last few weeks. Marc and I openly admire the new ThinkPad X41 and the Motion LE1600 Tablets and discuss the features that each offers to the consumer. We cover a lot of ground in this show ranging from the ActiveWords InkPad beta and all the way through customizing your Tablet UI with Stardock’s Object Desktop.

00:00 Intro – James Kendrick & Marc Orchant

The Movie Show reviews Batman Begins

07:50 Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet / Motion LE1600 reviews

ThinkPad material the same as Batman’s suit?
Rob Bushway’s enthusiasm in Motion
Tablet Motion review
Marc’s new Timbuktu Messenger Bag
James is getting a Booq bag
Are wide angle screens viewable outdoors?

22:20 Mini-tablet rumors

24:10 Apple Tablet revisited

Who does Steve Jobs like?

32:40 Upcoming discussion on Object Desktop

38:30 ActiveWords InkPad beta

48:20 MSN Search adds tabbed browsing

57:40 Wrap up

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