Sony BMG loves WMA hates iTunes

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Sony BMG is now introducing music CDs that have copy-protection, and will only rip to windows media. One more testament to Sony’s ongoing cluelessness about everything. The gaming division hates Microsoft. Music business hands over the keys to the kingdom to the enemy. They rule out iTunes and iPod users out of the game. In turn giving iTunes users another reason to turn to the iTunes store, bypass the CD business completely. Also known as driving customers to your worst enemy and forcing them to further change their habits. (Apple’s proprietary tactics are no less idiotic!) I love dumb companies, especially the record labels. They give me something to rant about. Here is how you can make iTunes friendly copies. Also does anyone know how to convert WMA files to Ogg Vorbis? via Digital Music Weblog

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Sony is in fact the most clueless Billion Dollar company out here. The problem is they spend so much time trying to figure out ways to prevent piracy they end up crippling their products and losing marketshare.

Nobody cares about Trinitrons anymore Sony, Samsung makes far better LCDs Sony. I wish they would extract their head from *bleep* and start making great products that everyone wants rather than the typical Sony proprietary stuff like Micromv, Digital8 and the crappy memorystick.

Thank God for Samsung. That’s where I look for innovation now in CE. If the Playstation isn’t hot then I doubt I’ll be purchasing any Sony stuff for the forseeable future.

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