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Fourth Week At Top For Crazy Frog

Crazy FrogWhen the Crazy Frog remixed single hit the shelves of record stores people were surprised to see it hit number one…but the people who claimed the ads were too annoying to be shown on television will be alarmed to hear its still at the top of the charts four weeks later, selling 150,000 copies. BTW, the newsreader took a very snooty attitude towards the whole thing which you’ll see if you watch the video, implying the Crazy Frog song wasn’t by real musicians…get used to it honey, electronic music is just going to keep getting bigger.
Anyhoo, there were some interesting stats thrown out about the break up of revenues… for every three pounds spent on a ringtone:

  • 32p goes to music publishers
  • 64p goes to distributors
  • 75p goes to mobile operators
  • 129p goes to the record labels

I’m trying to work out who does what, and whether the breakdown is for monophonic/polyphonic ringtones or realtones… and where the original creators of a song come into it. (via Ringtonia)
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