Copyright Protection Biz A Sleeping Giant


A new research study shows that the DRM industry will grow from $600 million worldwide in 2004 to $1.9 billion in 2009. Leading the way will be DRM for mobile devices. That market, which was virtually nonexistent last year, will scurry to $525 million in 2009, according to “The Business of Digital Copyright,” a study from Digital Tech Consulting.

The study found that users will pay an average of $3.95 per month to receive rich content, with its projections being based on recently announced licensing terms for the OMA DRM of $1 per device and 1% of content transactions.

The music CD category is forecast to be a relative laggard, generating just $130 million for the DRM industry and its players in 2009, compared with $15 million in 2004.

The study indicates that video DSL accounted for $100,000 in DRM revenue last year, though that will grow to $83 million in 2009, when 9.1 million DSL set-top boxes will be shipped.

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