Apparently the P2P professor is a fraud


The professor who created a sensation after saying that P2P should be legal is apparently a fake or so claim some bloggers. There is word now that Jorge Cortell had faked his resume, even though he claims to have been fired for advocating file sharing.

Cortell has been accused of faking much of his Curriculum Vitae, including listing degrees from a few degree mills. The Cortell Fraud (Babelfish) is a Spanish blog which is keeping track of developments, but if anybody can find some English news source it might help in making sense of this whole debacle.



Even before this CV scandal, Jorge has always been on the “fringe” of academia in Spain.

He doesn’t teach real university courses at the UPV for the past 5 years. That “masters” program he teaches at the UPV — gives out “Certificado de asistencia” (Certificate of Attendance).

What kind of masters program give out attendance certificates — this is not kindergarten.

Next month, he is “teaching” in one of those quickie 5-day summer courses in spain.

So you have a fake professor with a fake CV — teaching a series of “not so academic” courses.

The “evil” music and movie studios only win — if you continue to support this guy.

Already, the legitimate copyleft fighters in Spain are letting this guy sinked by himself. In a couple of weeks, there will be a huge copyleft conference in barcelona with Lawrence Lessig as a guest speaker and 7 spanish lawyers giving out legal advice

Guess what? Jorge has stated in his blog that he is not invited.

So where is Jorge going to speak on that weekend (when every legitimate copyleft fighters in spain will be at the huge barcelona conference)? Some kid’s “lan party”.

Jorge has become a circus sideshow act now. And your continuing support of him will only hurt the real legitimate copyleft fighters in spain.

Dennis Howlett

A case of trying to silence an activist in a country where copyright laws are seen in a different light to the position taken in the US/UK?

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