Bellrock Media Launches With Big Backing

As we reported earlier, Bellrock Media, a Japanese-US venture focusing on delivery of digital content on via mobile and broadband platforms, has been launched with investment from Intel Capital, Japan’s Yoshimoto Kogyo, Fandango, and Faith Inc, the provider of enabling software and ringtone technology. Rounding out the initial round of investors are Japanese investment vehicles AC Capital and C.S. Loginet. The funding is understood to be in the low- to mid-eight figures.

The firm is headed by Hiroshi Nakata, chief corporate strategist of Japanese production company Yoshimoto Kogyo; and Peter Levin, co-founder and partner at Quattro Media. Nakata will serve as Bellrock’s CEO, working in Tokyo. Levin, based in Santa Monica, CA, will serve as Bellrock’s president.

“In the medium term of two years from now we expect Bellrock to be a fully functioning next generation content company producing, distributing, financing and co-financing content for platforms including mobile, broadband and PSP (PlayStation Portable),” Levin said.

Some more details in release here

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