Telecom Jobs, At Least Not Declining Anymore

The sustained downturn in the telecommunications industry has taken away a lot of jobs – hundreds of thousands of jobs. But results of a recent survey conducted by TelecomCarriers.Net shows that the sense of despondency has lifted, and while many believe that the telecom job market is still flat, others are hopeful that new technologies are creating new job opportunities. Nearly 42 percent felt the telecom job market is strong or growing, while 42 percent said it was flat. Fourteen percent felt the market is declining. 53 percent of those polled noted consolidation of carriers and vendors as the number one impact on job opportunities. In other words, the situation remains cloudy as ever, except its not getting worse. I think the problem with this survey is that it polls people who already have a job. I am sure hundreds of thousands who have not been able to find new employment will disagree with the results. Intrestingly, nearly 22% of those polled called Verizon a good employer, with SBC getting thumbs up from 10% of the respondents. Link tip, Brian.