Buzzing Over keeps popping up all over lately and now MarketWatch’s Bambi Francisco says the “co-called social networking site” ruled the hive when it came to buzz at the Piper Jaffray conference this week. Teenagers on a panel mentioned it as a hangout and Napster CEO Chris Gorog touted it as the “bellwether for where the industry is going.” The site has 18.5 million members; in May, according to comScore Networks, it had more than 15.5 million unique visitors — a dramatic surge from 1 million last June and even 6.5 million last January.
CEO Chris DeWolfe told Francisco to expect something big from the company in the next six months on the music front, possibly including selling music services from Napster and Real. might be the single best thing parent InterMix has going for it; the company just settled a lawsuit by New York state and agreed to stay out of the adware busines.
Where does it go from here? As Francisco points out, the road is littered with once-hot social networking sites and cluttered with wannabes. Buzz alone isn’t enough.
>Update: More on from John Battelle, also at the conferece: “it felt like ICQ all over again.”