Now sync Outlook Business Contacts with Pocket PC


Microsoft has quietly released a sync utility for users of their Outlook Business Contact Manager that allows syncing with Pocket PC devices.  This is big for users of the BCM who previously had no way to get those contacts onto their Windows Mobile device.  From the download web site:

Business Contacts for Pocket PC is a program that allows you to synchronize your business contacts and a subset of your communication history to your Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC device. While on the go, you can make changes to your business contacts and later synchronize the changes made with the Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager database.

Note: Business Contacts for Pocket PC is not supported on Smartphones.

This download contains two parts: a sync provider for Microsoft Active Sync and a program residing on the Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC device.



Is there any new news on this problem. I need mobile buisness contact manager. for 5.0


So what would happen if you installed it anyway. Are Microsoft saying it won’t work or is it just a disclaimer so they don’t have to support it (at this stage)

Lisa Gustafson

Just bought a new Palm Treo 700w so I could get work emails while away. Now, to learn after the fact that Business Contacts for Pocket PC doesn’t support 5.0 mobile!!! Anyone know when updated software will be available?


I upgraded to new PDA – Dell Axim 51v with Windows Mobil 5 and find out I can no longer sync anymore. I REALLY depended on this information! Terribly frustrating! Any solutions? Odyssey On-Schedule is slow and does not work very well either – can only see primary contact with account.

Keith Nelson

What can Microsoft be thinking? Releasing this update without support for Windows Mobile 5.0. To make matters worse their first level technical support was unaware that Windows Mobile was released.

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