Nielsen/NetRatings: Majority Of Newspaper Readers Online Still Rely On Print (pdf)


Or, as AP puts it, “One in five Web users reading papers use online editions.” Each is true, according to the Nielsen//NetRatings @Plan Summer 2005 released today. The study focuses on online versus offline consumption and excluded users who get their news from non-newspaper online sites. (Can’t tell how many of those surveyed are relying on newspaper content delivered through those other sources.) Gerry Davidson, senior media analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings, says the transfer of preference by such a large group explains the efforts by many newspaper publishers to differentiate more between online and offline editions with message boards, editorial blogs, etc which “leverage the medium’s strengths of interactivity and immediacy.”
Highlights: — “a significant 21 percent of Web users who read newspapers have transferred their readership primarily to the online version.”

— 72 percent of online users who consume newspapers still view print editions as primary; 7 percent of online users who consume newspapers split their time between print and online.
— The proportion of males relying on online is greater — 53 percent compared to 47 percent. Women make up 57 percent of those who rely primarily on print.
I’m posting separately on the top five online newspapers.
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