Motion to release 8 inch Tablet PC?

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A post on a Tablet PC Buzz forum claims that a Motion sales representative indicated that Motion Computing will be releasing a Tablet PC with an 8 inch screen in July. I have been unable to confirm or deny this statement but if this holds true the Motion maybe joining Sahara in the release of a Mini Tablet.   Motion and Sahara, if you are going to release a small Tablet please don’t compromise the Tablet extensions by using a special UI. We need the full Tablet OS!

(via Rob Bushway)

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Ron C

Please keep a tab on this and tell us one way or the other what’s up. I’m delaying getting my first TabletPC because I would much rather invest in a real portable / practical tablet that can take the place of my e800 PDA.

I think small, hardback text size (something that will blend right in with a stack of other hardback books… about 8 to 9 inches diag.) is gonna be the sweet spot. But consumers have to have the chance to see one or two production models before there’ll be any real demand.

New tech’s Kobayashi Maru, no demand without products in the marketplace and no products in the marketplace until there’s significant demand. Who’ll cross the bridge first?

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