Mobiles As iPod-killer? Think 99 Problems


Here’s one argument why mobiles won’t replace iPods anytime soon — when they play music that’s all they do. “In a world where teens have a passion about multi-tasking – texting while they listen to music while they talk to friends while they IM while they eat some food – a phone that turns into a lump when it’s playing music seems to be missing the point.”
Also, reports on some mobile music research: “A new report from Informa Telecoms and Media predicts that by 2010, mobile music will be worth $11.3bn, with nearly $6.8bn worth of realtones – mobile phone ringtones that sound like a real song rather than digitised music – sold by the end of the decade…Ringtones of all varieties are expected to be worth $4.9bn this year, with almost all ringtones set to become real music by 2010.”
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