June 16, Good Afternoon Broadband

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  • Muniwireless outlines Earthlink’s plans to wirelessly enable cities which are interested in rolling out muni networks. It has bid for Philadelphia, and has also had talks with New York City. Cities like Madison, Tempe and several others are looking for ISPs to provide citiwide WiFi networks. Earthlink’s dial-up business is dying; Brand-X puts their broadband future up in the air, and well, they really got to do something.
  • AOL needs some serious virus protection, according to ECommerce Times. Prolexic, a provider of distributed denial of service (DDoS) solutions and security consulting products, has claimed that Deutsche Telecom, Wanadoo and AOL are Europe’s top three offenders for harboring infected PCs.
  • WiFi in the skies, everywhere except the US. And that’s despite Boeing being the key company pushing wireless Internet to the mile-high set.

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Jesse Kopelman

The read between the lines is that the FCC is trying to sell new spectrum to support ground-to-air broadband. Companies like Verizon are going to buy it. If they decide to actually make use of it (companies buying such spectrum and then never using it is an old story), it will actually be distributed on the the airplane via WiFi. Now you could accomplis the very same thing with existing spectrum and smart antennae, but how would the FCC make any money off of that?

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