Intel #1 in WiFi Chip Sales

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wi antennaABI Research claims that the fast growing sales of laptops have helped propel Wi-Fi into the mainstream and have helped Intel become the #1 player in the business, taking away the leadership mantle from market leaders Broadcom and Atheros. Philip Solis, ABI Research’s senior analyst of wireless connectivity says, “Before Intel introduced their 802.11g and a/g products. Broadcom and Atheros had most of the market for 802.11g and 802.11a/g in laptops to themselves. But Intel is able to leverage the brand recognition of Centrino to take the marketing high ground.” Not sure if this is good enough, because I think the big growth for WiFi still will be in the non-PC devices and the competition there is fierce, and Broadcom in particular has been leading with its ultra-low power solutions.

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Wes Felter

Like sound and graphics, Wi-Fi has been officially sucked into the chipset.

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