GigaOm needs your help, feedback

Friends, (what else would i call folks who spend so much of their time reading my ramblings and sharing their thoughts and insights) I need your help … fine-tuning! The stats can only tell me which are the most popular pages, or what is the most linked post, or how many people visited for how long. But that’s like playing baseball by sitting in the upper deck. I really don’t know what you like, or dislike. What works, or what doesn’t work.

Since y’all are the ultimate judges and thus the consumers of what I write, it is time for me to step back and ask for your opinion on a few things, which could help improve the site, and your experience. First, I have tried to clean up the categories, and come-up with seven that I think are straight forward and to the point. Here is where I need you to tell me if something works, or doesn’t work. Should we add or drop a category. If yes, then what should it be. Secondly, I want to know, what content annoys you the most, what posts you enjoy the most. Do you like long form, or the short form posts. Is there an area which should be part of my focus, or have I gone too deep and too wide. And finally, I would love to know what your thoughts on having a forum devoted to broadband deployments/consumer VoIP services?

You can leave your comments here, so I can find them in one place. I am going keep this post right up top through the weekend. Regular posting is below the fold, so please bear with me.



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