Skype from your cell phone


Wouldn’t it be great it you could answer Skype calls on your cell phone? You wouldn’t even need your PC around but could still take those important Skype calls wherever you are. A new service that has been recently announced may make this a reality for millions of Skype users. The IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable creates a bridge through your cell phone network that links Skype to your cell phone. From the press release:

IPdrum has developed patent-pending technology to connect traditional mobile telephony systems with peer-to-peer (P2P) telephony. IPdrum Mobile Cable enables the user to Skype from his/her mobile no matter where he/she is.

"This marriage of technology will change the mobile phone network as we know it today, forcing the mobile carriers to re-think their international calling price strategy," says Jerry Pettersson, founder of IPdrum. "Just as Skype has changed the land line (PSTN) network landscape, the IPdrum Mobile Cable will further revolutionize the complete communication network."

Unlike similar products currently on the market, IPdrum Mobile Cable does not require any special phones, and it is not restricted to special "Hotspots" or zones where technologies such as Wifi are available. In addition, IPdrum Mobile Cable incorporates a range of features and capabilities designed to increase convenience and performance when Skyping such as:

– Forwarding of incoming Skype calls to PSTN or a mobile phone
– Synchronizing of contacts from a mobile phone
– Synchronizing of contacts in Skype
– Connecting/Synchronizing contacts with Skype users


Mark Gilbert

What about a device which would allow you to connect a cheap cellphone to your PC and would utilize your existing sbc or local telephone service. With the in-network calling you could call the other phone which would connect you to your local service meaning you would never use any minutes. and the other way around. when someone would call your land line it would be forwarded through the cellphone to yours using the free in network calling.

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