Rush Blames Copyright Law for Lack Of Music, Parodies On Podcasts

We’re into week two of the Rush Limbaugh podcast and Rush is still trying to explain to irked fans why the subscription podcast version lacks the music and parodies of the original. He’s also still explaining to listeners what podcasting is and how it works, a good move since it’s still new to so many people. But he’s a lot more frustrated by the recurring need to explain the music issue: “I don’t know what to tell you, folks. We have a battery of attorneys here, and the battery of attorneys has dug deep, and they’ve given us their opinion on this and it’s pretty deadlocked solid. There’s nothing we can do about it because of the fact that if we included music, even snippets, that we would be effectively be distributing other people’s property, copyrighted property without compensation.”
So let’s get this straight — people without attorneys are paying fees to podcast certain music legally but his legal advisors can’t figure it out? He said he’s been told they’re too far ahead of the curve “to do this legally” and “anybody else doing this is doing so at risk.”

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