@ MEM: Top 10 List of Learnings in Mobile Video

Ray De Ronzo, VP Biz Dev, Idetic (MobiTV) gave a presentation of the cmpany’s mobile video service. Idetic is now pushing into Europe and has just started doing deals here. Ronzo’s list of top 10 learings so far for the mobile video company:
10. Cable TV model does transfer to mobile
9. Live viewing experience trumps video clips
8. Prime time for Mobile TV is not prime time…peaks in our traffic are morning (drive time comut), afternoon and then evening peak.
7. Mobile TV “snackers” shape the market
6. Wireless networks don’t implode…just ask the Pope . But that rule was just broken with the Micahel Jackson trial and this was our highest traffic ever. We were seeing 1800 simulataneous session at a time with this case..
5. Brands attract subscribers but programming drives viewing (Comcast has jut licensed one of the mobile video channels on MobiTV, to transmit it to its terrestrial broadband subscribers..the first such effort I’m aware of.)
4. Easy content discovery “my phone is my TV remote control”
3. Mobile TV not just a 3G service
2. Package, bundle, up-sell, cross-sell
1. It’s live TV…only smaller…
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