@ MEM: MobiTV Can Do No Wrong

This is not necessarily an observation from just this conference…over the last year, the US-based mobile video aggregator MobiTV has become the darling of the content community (much to the envy of other competitors). Even here in London, Ray De Ronzo, who is heading the EMEA operations, was a big hit with his presentation….(read our earlier post on his presentation). And the company is making a big push in Europe…
As with anything doing well in mobile sector these days, MobiTV is ripe for acquisition, but from what I have heard from people in the industry, they doubt CEO Dr. Phillip Alvelda would sell now. It is a too early in the lifecycle, yet. Though it could be a very good acquisition for some of the big portals trying to make an entry into the mobile content market. Yahoo, maybe
And oh yeah, there are two other players in the US market: SmartVideo and GoTv Networks
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