Many have not even heard of VoIP


30% of U.S. broadband subscribers have never heard of VoIP, according to TeleGeography. This is a crucial point for providers to consider, as TeleGeography’s research also reveals a strong, positive correlation between familiarity with VoIP and likelihood of subscribing. People who are already familiar with VoIP are 50 percent more likely to subscribe than those who are unfamiliar. In other words, selling VoIP services is going to be a huge marketing-spend and basically profits are going to remain elusive – for a very long time.


Jesse Kopelman

I’m sure most people have never heard of CDMA, yet I don’t think Qualcomm is any the worse for it.


Some of the cable VoIP offerings don’t even mention VoIP in their general marketing collateral. Case in point Cox’s operation in Roanoke calls it digital phone service. VoIP just comes up in the fine print. Both Cox and Time Warner are selling the service to people who don’t even have Internet service.

Om Malik

good point … though i think a lot of people who are buying digital phone service from cable providers don’t know or rather don’t care about VoIp the acronym.


Hrmm… I wonder if there’s a difference between knowing what “VoIP” is and knowing what “Vonage” is. Vonage advertises like crazy on TV, so there may be people out there who actually use Vonage and still don’t know what the “VoIP” acronym stands for.

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