Installing OSX on a Tablet PC


Apple has already released their developer Kit for OSX on the Intel platform and an enterprising Tablet PC Buzz member Charles Alexander has installed it on a Toshiba M200 Tablet PC.  Follow his journey here.  His initial observations:

Screen rotation, the network card, wireless, the modem, USB, the touchpad, and I’m sure plenty of other stuff isn’t working. But with apple’s inkwell ( ) this thing is really showing potential. After messing around with this thing for a few days I can’t believe apple themselves never released a tablet.



No, Mike, you didn’t miss it. Unfortunately there were too many big hurdles to overcome to get it to function enough to be useful. Of course it was slow but I was willing to live with that. The two biggest thorns were terrible network support that resulted in the inability to maintain network connections and the biggest (for me) no touchscreen support. I had to drop it for that reason.

Mike Cane

Hey, James, whatever happened to the PearPC/MacOS on Sony U review? Did I miss it? (Probably!)

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