Help This Guy Get A G5


So I’m generally not the type to promote giving money away to people for no real good reason…and I’m still not. But I, for whatever reason, found this to be somewhat amusing.

A former NYC School of Visual Arts graduate (named Vinny) is in need of a G5…aren’t we all. Well Vinnie is doing something about it…sort of. He’s asking for you to give him your money. Plain and simple. You give him your money…eventually he’ll get a G5 with said money. In exchange for donating money to him, once the goal of $5248 is reached he’s gonna blow his G4 to smithereens and catch the whole thing on video and then post it for your viewing pleasure. As of this post he’s received $680 in donations.

A bit about Vinny’s computer situation. Back in 2000 he dropped 10 grand on a G4 setup and has been editing on it ever since. He’s been cutting short films and independent features on the ole G4 including Glow Ropes. Now it’s time for him to make the upgrade to a G5…gotta stay current with technology to keep playing the game.

Anywho, enough rambling. Go to his website, watch the plea video, donate some change, be merry.



He states that Paypal charges him .30 cents for each donation transaction. I’m not sure if there are limits to how much you can transfer with Paypal, but I suggest thousands of people send him .01 cent each. I’m not good at math, but you get the picture…


And, If people give me money for a g5, not only will I blow up my clamshell ibook, but I’ll submerge my thinkpad in a vat of acid and let you all watch it desintigrate live via webcam!

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