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Go with the FLO?

Qualcomm LogoQualcomm is charging ahead with its MediaFLO mobile broadcast TV technology, and although it has a lot of strenghts, it also has a lot of challenges…”while Qualcomm is assembling a strong case for the fledgling mobile TV content and delivery service, its ultimate success will depend on a matrix of “ifs” – if Qualcomm can field the technology successfully, if it can gather the critical high-value content and, most importantly, if it can make the business case to carriers and consumers”. This article covers the situation very well, and is worth a read if you’re interested in the segment.
One quote from Sprint, a US carrier in talks with Qualcomm:

“As far as it being a delivery platform, I think it would have to be complementary, because there are some things that you would still want to do in a unicast way,” he says. At the same time, Sprint has examined the dueling DVB-H technology Crown Castle is now testing, “and it is certainly another worthy technology,” Knoop notes. “The interesting thing about it is it is a global standard, and Sprint likes standards because it makes it easy to deploy and cost effective. But where that would end up versus a MediaFLO, it’s not something I can immediately comment on.”

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