Microsoft Hires Some Open Source Brilliance

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Hey if Apple can use x86 chips, why is it so difficult to imagine that Gentoo Linux project founder Daniel Robbins taking a job at Microsoft. He quit Gentoo in April and joined Microsoft only recently.

“I’m helping Microsoft to understand Open Source and community-based projects,” he says over at the Gentoo site. “While in the midst of hastily packing to move to Redmond, drobbins nonetheless managed to find the time to finalize the transfer of Gentoo’s intellectual property (essentially copyrights on ebuilds and other software as well as soon-to-be trademarked Gentoo logos) to the not-for-profit Gentoo Foundation, Inc.”

I am not sure what he can teach Microsoft, except how to learn and live with the open source movement, and if possible try and adopt some good habits.

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